Privacy Policy

General is not collecting personal data of users like credit card information,address. We are only collecting email address/website. Those data collection done for provide a satisfaction service to our users.Specially we are collecting those data with sharing our knowledge with them because of this website is an educational as well as tutorial based website.When our users want to know about some tutorial guide or further information about a tutorial guide ,they comment on us with asking about it.So to provide our services to them we should collect some essential basic information about particular user who do expect an answer or our service indeed.Those data collection we done according to the laws on the protection of personal data and Regulation(EU) 2016/679 of the Europian Parliment with processing of personal data of General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection

All data will be protected well and will be used only for personal data given person’s satisfied service only.We ensure that we used personal data only prevent any unauthorized access or such type of abusing activities prevention or provide some tutorial guides or reply for users answers.

Purpose & Retention Period Of Personal Data

As we previously indicated we collect some essential personal data only for provide some information about apps and its usage according to users requests.Those personal information are very important to reply/give feedback for users/readers answers that they are regularly asking from us.Therefore we ask some information from users and they can provide only if they are willing.

We are keeping users collected data/information till we provide enough feedback/answer that users satisfied.Furthermore we are providing our services via our website based email [email protected] users can email on us at any time or at any place.

How we collect your data ?

WE are using google webmaster tool and google analytic dash board to concern about the website audience and the traffic flow generating pattern.Except these data collection ways we are using contact forums too.So we thankful for google for these trusted services.

Types Of Data Collecting

Where we must indicate that we are not selling any product via our website.Therefore we do not collecting any credit card details or any billing information from users.All we are providing only tutorial guide and educational guides through this website.Therefore we do not collecting very personal data/ information from users at all.But we are collecting following information to give feedback to users answers and comments.

  • Email address
  • User Name
  • Users Device category


Currently we are not publishing or displaying any third party advertisements on our website.But if some responsible party would willing to display their advertisements on our website such as google ads,we would like to let it.So contact us to display your advertisements on our website.


We are not doing Cookies using to taking data .

Privacy policy update

We are regularly updating our privacy policy terms according to the users needs.We are giving priority to users requirements.If users are willing to take some information from us beyond our privacy policy terms and conditions,we are respectfully willing to provide our service to users without any conditions 100% for free and safe.