MovieBox PRO VS ZiniTevi

MovieBox PRO as well as ZiniTevi streams a bulk of free Movies,Cartoons,TV Shows and Animated movies.The most distinguish characteristic of these applications id direct video downloading ability.Except this factor there are more other characteristics and features that very useful on its users.This article we are dedicating only for knowledge sharing purpose.So all respects and rights are possessed for ZiniTevi original owners.

Most of peoples in the world spend a very busy lifestyle.They are doing their regular works with a great stress.They are trying to do several things to get release from this stress and other annoying things.Here ZiniTevi and such type of applications stand for you with a leisure time activity.You can watch hundred of free movies using your mobile phone with this application.

All latest and old Movies,Cartoons,TV Shows and Animated Movies are available with this application and it is regularly updating with great videos indeed.All latestly releasing movies are uploading on this application and all videos are downloadable.Free subtitle service very convenience to users.

Users should not to use another website or application with ZiniTevi.They can perform all things with this application only.Direct downloading of videos very easy and high quality videos available with this application.All videos are onscreen play mode and can watch videos either online or offline.

More than 10000000000 peoples are using this application on their iOS and Android smart devices.Because of this application”s userfriendly service most of users are very like to spend their free time with this application.

This application is a small size application

Well categorized videos

Fast downloading speed

Fast loading speed

Low data usage

High quality videos

With this application users can make their own home theater too.All your family will be your part of audience and your children also can join with you.This application currently allocated a great partition on children.They have been introduced a child mode option and you can use this mode to avoid your children misuse this application.Children will not be used this application to watch not suitable videos at all.

So we would like to invite all our movie lovers to use this application on your mobile phone and watch unlimited free movies and TV shows for free and with safe.This will be save your time and money.Please join with us and get your freedom with ZiniTevi.Thank you!

Free Movies Download Or Online Watch-MovieBox PRO(With Subtitles)

If you are searching for free movies download or online watch using your smart device so far, here we have the answer for your query indeed.MovieBox PRO is the best third-party application that currently available for your iOS or Android platform running smart device for free. This will help you to search for free Movies. This application contains more than 10000 free movies and TV shows with the related subtitles. If you are willing to use this on your mobile device, please try this with our proper guidelines.

You can directly download and install this application via the above download link with the following few steps. This application is updating with newly released movies and TV shows as well as security updates. Therefore users can deal with MovieBox PRO with 100% trust. Now let’s see what are the benefits of using MovieBox PRO.

MovieBox PRO Using Benefits

  • Due to it’s regular updates,you can get all latest movies
  • Available related subtitles
  • Free download
  • Less ads
  • Fast downloading
  • Less DATA required
  • Small sized Movies
  • Full HD Movies

Any Kind Of Movie/TV Show Watching Ability

This third party application has been facilitated any sort of Movie/TV show watching ability using your smart device indeed.This will help to save your time as well as money.You don’t need to use any movie downloading websites to download your preferred movie.We have got a such big effort to search related subtitles over the internet so far.MovieBox PRO has added the related subtitles of your selected movie/TV show.Once you downloaded and play your movie,you can load your subtitle with your language easily.

Can You Get The Latest Movies Or Upcoming ?

Yes indeed.This Cinema BOX contains all upcoming entertainment news too.

Can You Get Related Movies/TV Shows On Your Search Query Without Effort ?

Definitely you can.When you search your category,it will be displayed list of movies/TV shows which related category.Therefore you can easily reach to other interested movies obviously.

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MovieBox PRO Latest Updates

As a regular updating third party Cinema application ,MovieBox PRO is updating with tremendous newer features and newer Cinema experiences.Today we’re gonna discuss with our fellows about newer versions of MovieBox PRO which released for public.

MovieBox PRO Download

As you already know ,MovieBox PRO is available as MovieBox APK & MovieBox IPA.APK version will be compatible only with Android versions & IPA versions will be compatible with iOS versions only.

MovieBox PRO IPA

AppMovieBox PRO IPA
Updated On time
RequirementsiOS 7 or Upwards
1GB RAM(Optional)

MovieBox PRO APK

AppMovieBox PRO APK
Updated OnOn time
RequirementsAndroid 4.2 or upwards
1GB RAM (Optional)

These versions of MovieBox PRO are extremely up to date and you can get the latest Movies and TV shows with high security status .On the all updated version of MovieBox PRO they have applied heavy security with the previous bug fixes. Therefore users can use this app store on their smart devices with confidentially.

What are the latest in 2019 ?

Movie NameDirectorDescription
URI:The Surgical StrikeAdithya Dhar Indian army STF launch a covert operation as the avenging the destroying their fellow army by a enemy group.
Triple FrontierJ.C.ChandorStory of former special forces members exploit.
NightNicholas Michel JacobsMental disorder strange person kidnapping a girl and forced to live on his own way.
The Russian BrideMichael S OjedaA Russian woman travels to America to marry a reclusive billionaire.Where they face to unexpected troubles with her daughter.
Fighting With My Family Stephen MerchantThis story goes about a former wrestler and his family.

MovieBox PRO will be provided you all the downloading directions of your willing Movie or TV show without heavy ads.Thus users can save their time and money with using this third party application.

What are the new on MovieBox PRO ?

Day Hot List

  • Marvel MCU
  • Black
  • Cartoonsss
  • Disney
  • Chick Flicks Nidk Others
  • Good Movies
  • Fast and the furious
  • MCU Movies in order
  • Marvel
  • Throwback Kid Movies

Week Hot List

  • Disney Classics
  • JK Rowlings Wizarding world
  • Chick Flick Movies
  • DC
  • Latenight

Latest List

MovieBox PRO UI also has been created very simply and very easy way.So please join with us and get the latest news on MovieBox PRO regularly from us.

Best Action Movies Latest Released For Free

Before we are going to discuss this topic,let’s figure out that how to get Best Action Movies Latest Released For Free .Actually you have to use a application called MovieBox PRO to get this opportunity.First of all please download and install this amazing third party app store and experience your best action movies indeed.

If you have got the Movie Theater on your device ,open it and try this to make your device a Movie theater.

Best Action Movies

Name Of MovieReleased YearDuration
Batman The Dark Knight2008152min
Uri:The Surgical Strike2019138min
The Lord Of The Rings-The Returns Of The King2003201min
Star Wars Episode 5-The Empire Strike Back19980124min
The Lord Of The Rings-The Fellowship Of The Ring2001178min
The Matrix1999136min
The Lord Of The Rings-The Two Towers20022002
Saving Private Ryan1998169min
Star Wars1997121min
Avengers Infinity War2018149min
Terminator 2 Judgement Day1991137min
Indiana Jones Raiders Of the Lost Ark1981115min
The Dark Knight Rises2012164min
Batman The Dark Knight Returns,Part 2201376min
North by Northwest1959136min

Best COMEDY Movies

Name Of MovieReleased YearTime Duration
The Great Dictator1940125min
City Light193187min
Catch Me If You Can2002141min
Hot Fuzz2007121min


Name Of MovieReleased YearTime Duration
Spirited Away2001125min
Hotaru no haka198889min

Horror Movies

Name Of MovieReleased YearTime Duration
The Shining1980144min
The Exorcist1973122min
Night Of The Living Dead 196896min
Shaun Of The Dead200499min
What We Do In The Shadows201486min


Name Of MovieReleased YearTime Duration
Free Solo2018100min
The Art Of Flight201180min
Raging Bull1980129min
Million Dollar Baby2004132min
Touching The Void2003106min
The Wrestler2008109min
The Sporting Life1963134min
The Sandlot1993101min
The Fighter2010116min
Remember The Titans2000113min

We have provided the instances that you can watch and download using your mobile phone via MovieBox PRO.Please download and install MovieBox PRO on your device and watch your latest Movies and TV shows as soon as released.Make your device a Movie Theater indeed.

Free Movies

Are you looking for Free Movies ?Here we are with a bulk of Free Movies and TV shows with a well categorized third party Free Movies downloading and watching application.This online and offline Movies and TV show watching application available extremely for free and safe with our free guidelines. MovieBox PRO is the best place that all Movies and TV show lovers have to get their Free Movies within few seconds.So now we are going to give you the way that how to use MovieBox PRO on your device and download Free Movies from it.As our very first step let’s figure out the nature of this application and what are the benefits of this application which useful for it’s users.

Free Movies



  • All latest and old Movies as well as TV shows are available
  • Related Subtitles also available
  • Direct download links without redirection
  • Less ads contain
  • Regularly updating
  • Available most latest Movies/TV shows as well as forthcoming Cinemas

After downloading your preferred Free Movies,you can watch on your device without any restrictions.If you are using an Apple smart device,doesn’t matter you can download your movie without any restrictions indeed.Let’s talk about MovieBox PRO user interface,because this application’s interface is better enough to users get reach to their targets within few seconds.

  • MovieBox PRO has been created with well categorized Movies,TV shows
  • Contains regular updating
  • Today hot movie
  • This week hot movie
  • Today hot TV
  • This week hot TV
  • IMDB rating movie
  • Latest upload movie
  • Latest update TV
  • Anime movie
  • Comedy movie
  • Romance movie
  • War Movie

You can get an idea on MovieBox PRO and it’s contains with provided points.Now you can download MovieBox PRO on your device using above downloading links and follow our instructions properly without hesitate to do this.After the successful download of this application,you can download Free Movies from this application 100% for free.

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Latest English Action Movies-2019/2018 Free

Now you can get the Latest English Action Movies-2019/2018 Free from MovieBox PRO with latest movies/TV shows notifications too.Not only English ,but also other language movies/TV shows also available on MovieBox PRO.Literally MovieBox PRO provides your all Latest English Action Movies-2019/2018 Free indeed.MovieBox PRO is available on iOS as well as Android.So all users that iOS and Android device using, please keep reading and gain your most latest Movies and TV shows for free with compatible multilingual Subtitles.You can watch online or offline your willing Movies and TV shows on your smart device.You don’t need a PC or other third party applications to download and watch your Movies.Decide whether you are desired or not to go head.If the answer is Yes ,we glad to welcome you for free Movie world.

Why MovieBox PRO is special ?

  • All latest and old Movies/TV shows are available with well categorized pattern
  • Multilingual Subtitles also available for each Movie/TV show
  • Within two steps users can start their downloadings without any third party download manager
  • You can watch particular trailar of your willing Movie/TV show prior to download
  • You can download small from size to full HD movies/TV shows with your range

We think that you have gained more than enough satisfaction with our compliment of facts and points on MovieBox PRO.On other hand MovieBox PRO has affiliated to provide all updates and other news on Cinema world on time to it’s users.All users can search all their needed films on MovieBox PRO or select one at the time when they search on it.Then tap on it and watch online or download it on their devices within few minutes.If you are using strength internet connection which high speed downloading ,you can perform your downloads more easy.

Latest English Action Movies-2019/2018 Free

  • The Lego Movie 2
  • Alita Battle Angel
  • Avengers Endgames
  • Captain Marvel
  • Aladdin
  • Cold Pursuit
  • Glass
  • Toy Story 2
  • Spider Man Far From Home
  • IT-Chapter 2
  • The Lion King
  • Dumbo
  • Escape Room
  • Hellboy
  • How To Train Your Dragon

Where we have mentioned a few stuffs that you may know.But there are more than 10000 of new and old movies and TV shows are available on MovieBox PRO for our fellows can watch for free.Due to related subtitles also available ,you don’t need to open another web browser to download subtitles indeed.All are in one place and direct downloads and free Movies.Actually MovieBox PRO is only for Cinema lovers.They can bring entire Cinema world with their smart device.On other hand it’s been a long time that MovieBox has been shutted down.Thus users had to find out another alternative way to do their crazy stuffs as same as MovieBox.According to our recommendation MovieBox PRO is the best and most suitable way to do your crazy things .Once you downloaded this third party application on your device ,you will realize that MovieBox PRO is the best solution to get your all Movies and TV shows.Now you don’t need to use torrent or other download managers too.No need torrent sites too. So finally welcome to free Cinema world for my friends and have a fun with MovieBox PRO.